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2024 captain confirmed

Anna Page will be the Mersey Rose Softball captain in 2024

The club has confirmed that Anna Page will be the Softball Team's captain in 2024.

The Softball Team will play midweek fixtures, mainly against other clubs' women's softball sides. Our team aims to provide entry level cricket regardless of gender, and our mixed-sex appraoch stems from the views of some of our disabled members who felt that playing Hardball was too big a step for them.

Anna is an experienced player of both softball and hardball, and was an obvious choice as captain as she has played more softball than anyone else at the club. She was the vice-captain of Rainhill's Recreational XI and won the Player of the Year award in 2023.

Anna has previously been involved with women's football.

Anna said: "It's absolutely important that Mersey Rose Recs have a softball team as an integral part of the club. I am sure it will be a very interesting first season for us and I look forward to some excellent games."


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