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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

Mersey Rose Recreationals Cricket Club exists to ensure that cricket is a game for everyone.

Our players are male and female. Some are LGBTQ+. Our youngest players are 13 years old, while our oldest player is over 80. Some of our playing members are disabled. We have members who are members of different faith communities. People from more diverse backgrounds are not only playing cricket, but watching it and becoming involved in other ways. We welcome this, and it helps us to better represent our local community. 

Our ambition is to gain Clubmark accreditation, become an ECB Disability Cricket Champion Club and gain status as a charity. We have undertaken several positive initiatives to make cricket more accessible for disabled people, including reducing membership and match fees. However, we recognise that there is still work to do on EDI. All of cricket was rocked by the Yorkshire CCC racism scandal and belatedly EDI is on the agenda of every county cricket club board. Here at Mersey Rose we want to take a lead in creating an open and safe environment in which everyone can enjoy cricket.

We want people to feel that they belong at Mersey Rose Recreationals Cricket Club. This will only happen if they feel comfortable, welcome, safe and included. 

In order to achieve this, the club is resolved to:

* create a welcoming environment for all.
* help to increase understanding and awareness of EDI across all levels of cricket at the club.
* celebrate diversity.
* review "dressing room culture" and club practices in line with good EDI practice.
* listen to members and encourage feedback.
* create an environment in which members are able to talk and have their voices heard.
* act on any concerns or actions raised in regards discrimination, whether intentional or otherwise.
* remove any barriers that may hinder the progress of people from diverse backgrounds.
* actively create opportunities for everyone.
* engage with individuals and organisations outwith the club who can help us to better support people from diverse backgrounds (e.g. liaising with disability charities to look at ways we can attract more disabled people into the game).
* tackle, and encourage reporting of, discriminatory or abusive behaviour. 

Mersey Rose Recreationals Cricket Club abides by the ECB Anti-Discrimination Code.


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