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Mental Health

The ECB recognises four distinct categories of disability in its disability programme: physical disability, learning disability, hearing impairment and visual impairment.


We go beyond this and we consider mental ill-health to also be a category of disability - and one that is often overlooked. Indeed, the Equality Act 2010 defines disability as "a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities". Mental health conditions can be every bit as debilitating as the kinds of disabilities mentioned above.

People with mental health conditions are disproportionately less likely to participate in sport and, when they do, they often don't feel able to talk about their health problems or who they are.

At Mersey Rose Recreationals, we want to create an environment in which people who have mental ill health are welcomed and free to express and be themselves. We want to strip away the stigma while supporting people to achieve their potential. Just as in the case of people with other kinds of disability, we treat everyone as individuals and work with them to remove barriers to inclusion. We have found that many people who have mental health conditions want to be involved in sport, but need the right environment and support.

Sport has the power to transform the lives of people with mental health conditions. As a club we are positive about promoting good mental health and believe cricket can play a key role in improving it. We hope to use the game of cricket as a vehicle for improving the lives of people with mental health conditions, to raise awareness of mental health and to champion good mental health. The club works with other organisations to achieve these goals. . 

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