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At Mersey Rose Recreationals Cricket Club, we believe cricket is a game for everyone. We want everyone who is involved in the club to have a positive, welcoming and safe experience with us. We want them to feel included and supported in what they do at the club, whatever their level of involvement.


The club is committed to ensuring that all young people (aged under 18) and adults at risk* who play cricket with us have a welcoming and safe experience.

The club is fully compliant with the ECB Safe Hands Policy, which is designed to safeguard young people within cricket. The policy promotes good practice, helps raise awareness around safeguarding issues and instructs people in regards what they should do if they have any concerns about children or about the behaviour of adults involved in cricket. It is a mandatory requirement that all County Boards, affiliated clubs and leagues adopt and implement the ECB Safe Hands policy. 

The ECB Safe Hands Policy helps clubs to create safe, welcoming and inclusive environments. By following this advice, Rainhill Cricket Club is well-placed to manage safeguarding concerns that may arise.  

Your safeguarding officer

We currently have a vacancy for a club safeguarding officer, but in the interim the role is being overseen by Andi Page

Andi is the first point of contact for everyone within the club for safeguarding matters.

Andi is also responsible for ensuring the club is compliant with all safeguarding requirements. The safeguarding officer manages club safeguarding training and ensures that all relevant personnel have complete and up-to-date ECB DBS disclosure.

Andi can be contacted at 

If you wish to report safeguarding concerns, you can either contact Andi on this e-mail or complete our online form

Andi Page

Safeguarding children

It is the responsibility of everyone involved in the club to ensure the safety and welfare of any young person involved in cricket.

Safeguarding involves both protection and prevention. Safeguarding is about keeping young people out of harm's way - both during cricketing activity and away from it. If we have concerns about the safety of any young person associated with the club, we have a duty of care to report it.  

If safeguarding concerns are raised, it is not the responsibility of the club to investigate whether abuse has taken place. Instead, the club will take any actions required to ensure the maintenance of a safe environment in which young people can enjoy cricket. On occasion the club may, if appropriate, report concerns confidentially to the relevant body - whether that is the ECB, county safeguarding officer or child protection services.  


Safeguarding adults

The club also has a responsibility to ensure safeguarding for adults. Some of our senior members (aged over 18) may have specific needs that make them vulnerable. When the club is made aware of these needs, it will work with these individuals in line with their wishes to ensure that their needs are met. Most adult safeguarding is done with the consent of the person being supported. However, occasionally there are circumstances in which concerns should be raised without their consent, for example concerns about immediate risk to the individual's safety or well-bring.

Safeguarding involves looking out for others. If you are concerned about someone, ask if they are OK. Do they need help? Could they benefit from being signposted towards services who could support them? if you have concerns about anyone, make the club safeguarding officer aware. 

In urgent situations and emergencies

If a person is at immediate risk of harm and an urgent response is required please do not contact the club. Instead, contact the police on 101. Dial 999 in an emergency or where there is any indication a criminal act has occurred.

If you need to report an urgent safeguarding concern and believe that an individual is at serious risk of harm which will require a response within 48 hours, please call Contact Cares on 01744 676767.

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