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Women in sport

At Mersey Rose Recreationals, women play a full role in the life of the club. Women play for us, captain our teams and serve on our committee.

We passionately believe that sport can empower women and girls and be a powerful platform for promoting gender equality. We are committed to challenging female invisibility within our game and promoting female role models.

Due to the nature of our cricket and the fact we play only friendly matches, we do not have a women's team as such. We see no reason to make the distinction between "men's" and "women's" cricket and instead field mixed teams.  

We endorse the recommendations of the Brighton plus Helsinki 2014 Declaration on Women and Sport and support the Her Game Too campaign. We are committed to removing barriers to women's and girls' participation, and are dedicated to inclusive practice to ensure our club provides a welcoming environment for our female members.

We have a zero-tolerance approach to sexism. 

For clarification, women who play for us aren't required to wear white cricket trousers (indeed, no-one is). It's ridiculous this needs to be said in the 21st Century.

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Anna Page (Softball Team captain)

"For all the progress made for women's inclusion in recent years, there's still a lot of work to do. From experience at other clubs, I found that women's cricket was seldom prioritised, women's games took place at times when no-one else wanted to play and there were often few opportunities for women to further develop their game.

"Our club wants to do things differently."

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