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LGBTQ+ inclusion

Mersey Rose Recreationals is a proudly LGBTQ+ inclusive club.

We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse club in which anyone who enjoys the game of cricket is welcome to play with us. We welcome new players and members irrespective of their ability or previous experiencer. As part of our vision for an inclusive club, we are seeking to build a supportive environment in which LGBTQ+ people can be their authentic selves. 

Our Hardball Team captain is LGBTQ+. We believe that sport can be a vehicle for promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion more widely, and we also believe that LGBTQ+ participation in the game of cricket has been far too low. We hope to play a role in improving LGBTQ+ involvement in cricket and increasing LGBTQ+ visibility. 

We recognise that there are often social and cultural barriers to LGBTQ+ inclusion at many sports clubs. It can be difficult to be open or "out" orientation and gender identity. The lack of "out" LGBTQ+ people in elite men's cricket underlines this. Even at grassroots level, there are few LGBTQ+ players and many find they can't really be themselves at mainstream sports clubs. We want to break down those barriers to inclusion and create a culture that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive. 

We want LGBTQ+ people to fulfil their sporting potential, but that can only happen if there is cultural change. We are trying to break the mould and do things differently. Transgender and non-binary people are very welcome - at Mersey Rose Recreationals we are trans-positive and trans-inclusive. 

The club has a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination. Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia will not be tolerated at Mersey Rose Recreationals. 

We are currently working in partnership with a number of LGBTQ+ organisations. 

Andi Page (Hardball Team captain)

"I've seen from experience that many sports clubs find it hard to move on from historical male-centric, non-inclusive ways of doing things. We're looking to build a supportive community in which LGBTQ+ people can thrive as their authentic selves."

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