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Reporting discrimination

Mersey Rose Recreationals Cricket Club is committed to ensuring that cricket is a game for everyone and we stand against discrimination in all its forms.

We hope that no-one experiences discrimination of any kind at our club. However, if you have witnessed or experienced discrimination, you can report it to the Club Secretary ( or via the online form (see below).

Whenever anyone reports discrimination to us, we will deal with it in accordance with our complaints policy and potentially also the disciplinary procedures laid out in our constitution. The below flow chart explains how to report discrimination

complaints flow chart.jpg

When a formal complaint is submitted, the Management Committee will investigate. A range of outcomes is possible, including suspension of an individual or individuals. Should the complainant be unhappy with the outcome, there is the option of lodging an appeal. If the complainant is dissatisfied after the appeals stage, the case may be referred to an independent representative of the ECB or another body.

Mersey Rose Recreationals Cricket Club is committed to developing a culture where it is safe and acceptable for anyone involved in our club to raise concerns about discriminatory practice and misconduct. It is the duty of everyone to speak up about concerns and bring them to our attention.

To report discrimination directly to the club via our online form, please use the link below.

You can also report discrimination to the ECB

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