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Player sponsorship

A highly popular way of sponsoring the club has been through individual player sponsorship. This gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to be associated with a particular player for the duration of the season.

This is available for all senior players registered with the club, from the 1st team to the Recreationals and the women’s team. While the club has run a player sponsorship scheme for several years, we have widened this for 2023 so that every player is now available to be sponsored.

What do I get as a player sponsor? 

Player sponsors will be entitled to the following: 


* Social media posts thanking you for your support for the club, giving you great brand exposure
* Business logo featured on the player’s profile page on the club website, with a link to your own website.
* Listing in the club magazine beside a profile picture of your sponsored player
* Logo on any social media posts associated with your sponsored player
* The opportunity to have a photograph taken with your sponsored player


How much will it cost?

Player sponsorship is available for all senior players (men and women). The cost depends on which team your sponsored player plays for.


To sponsor a 1st or 2nd team player the cost is £50 for the season. 3rd and 4th team players are available to sponsor for £40, while you can sponsor women and Recreational players for £30 for the year.

How do I sponsor a player?

It's easy!

Below is a list of of players, arranged alphabetically and according to their teams. Simply select the players you want, complete the form, attach your business logo (if applicable) and submit. We will then be in touch with you to arrange payment. 



1st/2nd team players (£50)
3rd/4th team players (£40)
Recreational team players (£30)
Women's team players (£30)

Please provide the following information about you / your business:

Does you business have a logo you would like us to use on player profiles and on social media? 
If so, please upload it here.

Upload File

Please enter the total amount of sponsorship in the box below.



Many thanks for your sponsorship.

Your support is appreciated.

We will be in touch soon!


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