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MRRCC Hardball Team

About us

Our Hardball team is made up of social cricketers who play social cricket. We only play friendly matches and adopt an inclusive approach to the game. Everyone is welcome, whether you are an experienced cricketer or not and whether you want to play regularly or just the occasional game. We are proud to regularly field teams that are mixed-age and mixed-ability. We provide entry-level opportunities for disabled people and for women who want to play the hardball form of cricket. 

Our captain is Andi Page and our vice-captain is Joe Crossley.

More about us


We play a special brand of cricket. If you go to league games, which we're led to believe is the "serious" stuff, you'll see fitness freaks running laps of the field or training in nets from 9am for a 1pm match. You may see bowlers appealing to the umpire every time the ball hits a pad, however far outside off stump it is. That is not us. Basically we're about having an enjoyable afternoon, while giving the chance for everyone to play the game to the best of their abilities.

We enjoy going to new places and playing against new teams, hopefully making new friends along the way. We're a very inclusive group, usually a mix of men and women and always a mix of ability, and we hope to create a welcoming, non-pressurised environment in which everyone can play. 

Even more about us

OK, here's the important stuff. 

We are looking for new players for the 2024. All you need are some spare Sunday afternoons and a sense of humour. Whether you've played that "serious" stuff in the past or you've never picked up a bat before, you'll be welcome here.

The annual membership fee is £25. That is an absolute bargain. The fee for playing in each match is £10, which is also pretty good value for money. It's half of that if you're a student, unwaged, are over 65 or have some other imaginative reason we haven't yet thought of. Under 18s who play for us pay £1. 

You're not obliged to wear official club kit when you play for us. But it looks pretty cool so a few of us do anyway.


And the really important thing

We don't have umpires at our level, which inevitably leads to contentious lbw calls that would either never be given or never be contentious in "serious" cricket. The only thing anyone can agree on is that it's not an lbw if it's first ball. And that everyone is doing their best. So if you're taking on the unenviable task of telling Andi he's bowled another no ball or giving your teammate out to a dodgy delivery from Ken just to avenge the questionable decision they gave you last week... we're grateful for your efforts!

Fancy a game against us?

To fix up a game against our hardball team, contact us at

2024 fixtures and results

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