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Mersey Rose partners with Her Game Too

Club confirms official partnership with campaign for female inclusion

Mersey Rose Recreationals Cricket Club is pleased to announce a formal partnership with Her Game Too.

Her Game Too is a national campaign that challenges sexism in cricket and supports cricket clubs to become more inclusive spaces where women can fully participate in all aspects of the game.

The campaign's website states that Her Game Too "wants to spread our message of hope and equality. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world.

"In recent years, we've seen progress in the number of girl's and women's cricket teams but we know that barriers still remain. We will continue to champion female participation until girls and women are accepted and respected equally in sport.

"Our team is committed to driving positive change and making a real difference in the world of sport... to make sports accessible and inclusive for all."

Her Game Too was launched in May 2021 by a group of female football fans who wanted to see positive change around women's inclusion in football. The campaign quickly gathered not only momentum but many high-profile supporters. Since that time Her Game Too has expanded into other sports including cricket, rugby and hockey.

The partnership involves the club and campaign working closely together to make a difference at Mersey Rose Recreationals CC and within our community. The club has also agreed to designate two of our matches as a Her Game Too match (one softball, one hardball), which can be used to showcase the contribution women make to the game and broaden female participation.

Commenting on the new partnership, Mersey Rose softball captain Anna Page told the website: "As a club we feel this is a very positive move that sends out a clear signal about what our club's priorities are. We are committed to inclusion and we hope our partnership with Her Game Too can help improve women's participation in cricket while celebrating the incredible roles carried out by so many women already involved in the game."

She added: "Her Game Too is a terrific campaign and I would encourage more clubs to get behind it."

Chair Joe Crossley said: "Her Game Too is an excellent campaign and it is natural that, as a club who shares their aims, we would want to be associated with them. Women will always have a place in our club but, so long as there is still work to do to achieve full inclusion, there will be a need for clubs like ours and groups like Her Game Too.”

HGT at Gloucestershire v Middlesex

The partnership has the potential to challenge sexism and make huge strides forward for inclusion, as Her Game Too’s Director of Cricket, Paige Caunce, explained: “We are thrilled to have Mersey Rose Recreational Cricket Club on board as partners. By working together, we hope that we can build on the progressive work Mersey Rose are doing to ensure that cricket is truly a game for all and provide a space for people to enjoy the sport, without fear of discrimination.

“Sexism has, for far too long, had a place in cricket. It is our hope that through building alliances with clubs like Mersey Rose Recs CC – where women play a prominent role within its playing and governance structure – we can stamp out sexism and encourage more women and girls to get into cricket.

“We are incredibly thankful to all at Mersey Rose for their support and are excited to work alongside them in the fight to make cricket a safe place for all.”

Lucy Ford, co-founder and Director of Her Game Too, said: "We are absolutely delighted to announce our newest grassroots club partnership with Mersey Rose, we look forward to working with a club who match our values and who will champion women and girls within cricket”.


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