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P&O Partnership "will help serve community"

Mersey Rose Recreationals confirms partnership with Prescot & Odyssey Cricket Club

Mersey Rose Recreationals Cricket Club is delighted to confirm a partnership between our club and Prescot & Odyssey Cricket Club.

Prescot & Odyssey is a club that understands the value of inclusion and diversity. Recently, they have founded a new friendly team and is looking at creating opportunities to increase participation in the game.

The partnership will involve Mersey Rose playing our charity match (versus Rainbow Toffees) at Burrows Lane, with Prescot & Odyssey kindly agreeing to provide bouncy castles and entertainment for the event. There will also be both hardball and softball friendly matches between Mersey Rose and Prescot & Odyssey, and anyone P&OCC members who would like to play additional friendly matches will be able to play in Mersey Rose games. There will also be opportunities for Mersey Rose to play further "home" fixtures at Burrows Lane depending on pitch availability.

The partnership will also see the establishment of weekly disability training with a view to introducing more disabled people to cricket.

Mersey Rose Recreationals secretary Anna Page said: “We have had very constructive conversations with our friends at Prescot & Odyssey and we hope this is the start of a successful and productive partnership. We're really appreciative of the generous offer that Prescot & Odyssey have made to us, and we believe this partnership will help us achieve our objectives to create a diverse and inclusive club, serving our local community."

A spokesperson for Prescot & Odyssey added: "Prescot and Odyssey look forward to partnering with our friends at Mersey Rose. We hope through our new partnership we can help make cricket accessible to the whole community and positively support all of our members."


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